Ebook Marketing


Top Unusual Marketing Strategies for Your Ebook

The conventional way to sell an ebook is simply to create a sales page and then do everything you can to get people to land there.

The page will be built specifically to promote the book and every image and every piece of text will be devised to increase your conversions.

There will be zero distractions; nothing on the page that doesn’t serve this one singular goal.

1. Use Paid Advertising

You can then use advertising in the form of PPC ads to drive as much traffic to that page as possible and thereby hopefully see a great return on investment for the amount you spend on those ads.

But while this is a good strategy, it’s also not the only means to market your book.

And if you want to branch out and find a bigger audience, then there are a few things you can do that will help you to get noticed!

2. Create  Videos To Promote Your Work

When author Tim Ferriss creates the 4-Hour Chef, he used a unique marketing strategy which was to create a YouTube video promoting the book.

The advert showed him cooking, slicing up food and learning all the skills discussed in the book.

What’s more, is that it was all put together in a very dramatic and dynamic way.

It really helped the book to stand out as something a bit different and no doubt drastically helped his sales.

If you’re selling your book online, then this is an excellent strategy for you as well and can even be placed right on your sales page!

3. Pre-Sell With a Cheap eBook

If you have a book that you’re selling for $75.00 and no one has ever heard of you before, then you’re going to face an uphill struggle.

That’s because you have to encourage your shoppers to trust you, while at the same time convincing them your book is worth $75.00. They need to trust your online shopping cart too!

But if you sell a cheaper report for just $1, then you’ll only really have to convince them to enter their details, sign up and trust your payment system is secure.

If you manage this, then that means you’ll have a much easier time when you try to convince them to buy your $75 book later on!

4. Show Your Expertise With a Guest Post

A guest post is a blog post that you write for a big online blog for free. In exchange you get a link back to your site to help with SEO.

But why do this? Why not instead just link back to your sales page and directly sell your book?

It’s a great way to get free exposure while also getting the benefit of associating yourself with that trusted brand!