Why Writing an Ebook

I’ve been making a comfortable living through online and offline ventures for the past ten years or so

I’m completely convinced that with my help and guidance, others will be able to do the same thing.

I started this website because I was sure that people would pay good money to learn the secrets…

So I started to devise a plan on how to teach about making money writing ebooks in a way that was easy, effective and productive and tackled all aspects involved in creating a successful ebook, writing, promoting and selling.

Author’s Needs

After talking to many other online entrepreneurs, I found out about several things that I needed to take into consideration before launching the site.

For example, to some writers it’s important to guard their ebook from theft or illegal reproduction.

To the more visually oriented group, is about visuals, design, nice pictures, colors, logos, ebook covers…

And for many, many others is about finding some special software that will allow them to take a step-by-step approach to writing an ebook.

Ebook Writing System

However, in the process, I learned about the most important skill: there’s a definite formula to writing an ebook, and once I laid out the basic formula for how to do it, the entire creation process becomes a lot easier.

Savvy marketers have discovered that there’s an ideal length for ebooks, that the margins should be a certain width, and that there should be plenty of white space on each page so the reader doesn’t get intimidated at the prospect of taking in too much information.

There are even pricing guidelines out there to help the writer decide how much to sell the finished product for!

Putting it All Together

I never could have figured these things out for myself unless I had embarked in this process to help others write, promote and sell an ebook, so it’s been a quite rewarding experience.

After having devoted almost two years to daily research, I’m really excited about the prospect of keeping and maintaining ebookstraffic.com.

Now I feel confident enough that the information published in this site will be of great help to many aspiring and novice writers.

Hey! and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the contact page or the built in chat.

Happy Writing!!!