Want to Go From a Blank

Page to a Published eBook

in Under 30 Days?

(And 10x Your Passive Income)

Did you know that 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed?

And digital products…such as ebooks are a way to do that. 

Today more than ever people are wanting to get away from the day-to-day grind, the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 life. They want to work from the comfort of their own home…to have more freedom. But how do you make ends meet?


Have you ever wondered that? How in the world are people making money online working from home?


There are certainly tons of different ways to make money online, but creating and selling your own ebooks is the ONLY surefire way of making a passive income with the highest return.


Just think about it…


You could do affiliate marketing, but even a good return would be only around 50% of your sales.


Then of course there is ecommerce and drop shipping, where your return may be 25-30%.


And let’s not forget about all those website hustles…you know websites that pay you $5-$20 per day to fill out forms and surveys.


Maybe some of those sound good to you and that’s fine. But with ebooks you get 100% of your profits. And you only need to do the work once. You create your book, put it out there, and start earning a passive income.


…and now is actually the very best time to create and sell ebooks.

eBooks are all the rage right now and here’s why…

According to Statista revenue in the eBooks segment is predicted to grow to $12,754 million in 2019 and $14,125 million by 2023. Not only that, but the number of ebook users is on a steady rise as well with estimated growth to 850 million by 2023.  

Estimated eBooks Revenue

E-book reading is a big deal and it’s going to continue to be even bigger,” said James L. McQuivey, a digital media analyst at Forrester Research.

…it’s a good time to be an ebook author! 

Never have ebooks been so widely accepted and enjoyed by such a large and vast range of people.


In part this is due to the growth of digital devices, such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones…all of which are portable making it extremely easy to read ebooks.


And we certainly cannot forget the influence and popularity of the Kindle ebook reader.


Did you know that Amazon has sold more digital books than hard copy books since 2010 thanks to Kindle? And these appeal to a huge audience that include: commuters, students, retirees, and stay-at-home moms just to name a few.


Currently, there are over 4.3 million ebooks available in the US through Amazon and this number is increasing all the time. 


Plus, there are countless ebooks sold through other digital platforms as well…


You Have a Book in You!

Whether you work 9-5 in a corporate job or are a stay-at-home mom, there’s a book in you!

Write What You Know

Think about your hobbies, passions, interests and knowledge that you already have.

Write What You Want To Know

Still not sure. Start with a topic that you’ve always wanted to learn more about. Then write about what you have learned.

If ebooks are so great what’s the problem?

Shouldn’t we all just start writing ebooks and wait for the passive income to roll in…wouldn’t it be great if it was just that easy?

Well the truth is that most writers when they are first starting out they tend to idealize ebook writing or just writing in general. They write only when inspired, rather than to a schedule with tight timelines. They see it as more of a creative art, rather than a business. Don’t get me wrong inspiration is important and of course writing is a creative art, but it weighs just as heavily as the business side. 


And then theirs the problem of writing about a topic that you know nothing about. Oh…and did I mention assuming that there is an audience for what you are writing. This is a huge mistake and one that can be very costly. Without doing the proper market research you may be wasting a lot of time and effort with little to no return.


Coming up with great ideas for ebooks can also be extremely challenging making it easy to keep putting it off until tomorrow. And well we all know how that ends…tomorrow just never comes.

…and what about marketing and design?

Maybe you have already written your book. Maybe writing is not your problem at all. But what do you do when you are finished the writing? 


You see when it comes to creating ebooks there are three moving parts: the writing, the designing, and the marketing. And with most people one or two of these areas holds them back. What about you? Which area is holding you back?

What’s stopping you? Does any of this sound familiar?

Let me ask you this…do you see yourself in any of the points below?

I have no idea where or how to start an ebook 

I have no idea how to properly structure and format an ebook 

I don’t know what topics I should write about or what really interests people

I don’t know anything about design and would not have a clue how to design a cover

I don’t know how to price or sell my ebook

I have no idea how to set up a launch campaign or market my ebook

If you answered ‘yes’ to two or more of these then you are absolutely in the right place. 


With so much to consider, where do you even start?

You need a system. One that you can replicate over and over again that keeps giving you results.


Thankfully, we have created a step-by-step course that will take you from topic generation to selling your ebooks. And finally making that passive income you have always dreamed about.



eBook Masterclass is an online course that takes you through all of the steps needed to create and market an ebook. It’s developed by the team at eBooksTraffic who specialize in helping authors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses leverage ebooks to grow their revenue. 


In this course, you’ll learn how to create and sell your ebook even if you do not want to write a single word yourself. You’ll learn about design and how to create an eye catching cover that will stand out from the masses. Plus, well cover the importance of picking the right title that peaks the interest of potential buyers.


Most importantly, you’ll learn about marketing your ebook for maximum conversions and sales while tapping into your largest possible audience. And lastly, we’ll explore the benefits of converting your book to physical print to sell even more. 


This course is delivered in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format that even a newbie can follow. And because the whole process is systematized, there’s nothing to stop you from repeating the steps again and again to exponentially increase your income!


So whether you are looking to make a bit of money on the side, wanting to become a known author, or maybe even build a full fledged publishing business…eBook Masterclass is where you start! 

Who is eBook Masterclass For?

Anyone who is looking to earn passive income or wanting to grow their existing business with an additional stream of income. 

Authors & Writers

Take care of the design and marketing yourself.


Get more traffic by sharing ebooks on social media.

Internet Marketers

Create lead magnets to build your mailing list.


Turn your projects into ebooks to get more contacts.

Local Business Owners

Leverage your business online to get more customers.


Build your client base with stunning ebooks.

Teachers & Educators 

Turn your lesson plans into ebooks to help your students.


Create ebooks from your show notes and increase subscribers.

Here’s What You Get

Delivered in a private members area. Access 24/7 so you can learn at your own pace.

How to Make Money With eBooks

Training Guide

You get the ‘How to Make Money With eBooks’ training guide that walks you through the entire process step-by-step. With over 16 thousand words of actionable content you will learn exactly what you need to do to create a profitable ebook.

eBook Masterclass – Video Tutorials

Accelerate your learning by following along with the over-the-shoulder video tutorials. Instant access to 10 studio quality videos recorded in high definition. These videos show you the tools, techniques, and strategies for writing, outsourcing and selling your ebook.

eBook Materclass – Course Materials

You also get a checklist that you can use to make sure that you do not forget any of the steps. Additional, information has been included in this guide to help you further maximize your profits and to ensure that you are getting the most out of your ebook. Plus, we’ve included a helpful mindmap that serves as a roadmap for your project.

What You’ll Learn

This course is self paced. Learn on your own time and work through the lessons until you feel comfortable implementing them.

How to get over the writer’s block and finally write your ebook from start to finish.

Where to outsource your ebook creation if you don’t want to write it yourself.

How to choose an ebook title that appeals to your market so you can make even more sales.

How to design a cover that sells or where to outsource your cover design.

How to price your ebook. Get this wrong and … the difference between having a business or a hobby.

How to format and edit your ebook. We’ve even included Kindle guidelines.

Where to market your ebook for maximum sales.

How to sell physical copies of your ebook.

How to increase your sales and reach the largest possible audience.

How to sell ebooks from your own website and the tools you’ll need to start selling.



BONUS #1 – Magnetic Words That Sell

Get instant access to winning headlines, phrases, and words that you can use in your sales copy and advertising to increase sales.

BONUS #2 – Kindle Fiction & Non-Fiction Formatting Template

No need to learn Kindle guidelines. Simply import your content into the template or write your book from scratch within it.

BONUS #3 – Outsourcing Template

This is a complete fill-in-the-blanks template for outsourcing the writing of your ebook to a ghostwriter.


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Let’s Recap

Here’s what’s included:

How to Make Money With eBooks – Training Guide

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Course Materials – Checklist & Mindmap

Bonus #1 – Magnetic Words That Sell

Bonus #2 – Kindle Fiction & Non-Fiction Formatting Templates

Bonus #3 – Outsourcing Template




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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and get eBook Masterclass right now. Risk free! We are so confident that you are going to love this training that it comes with our iron clad, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason just let us know and we will refund your purchase.


Is eBook Masterclass right for me?

If you want to learn how to create ebooks that make money then eBook Masterclass is exactly what you need. Regardless of your experience level the course offers something for everyone.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered in a private members area. You will receive your logins in a separate email immediately after purchasing. You get instant access to the course and bonuses.

What if I hate to write or do not have time to write my ebook?

In the course you will learn how to outsource your ebook to a ghostwriter. We teach you the best strategies for finding the right author for your specific project. As well, we have incluced the exact template that we use ourselves.

Will this content be updated?

Yes, the content will be updated and more information will be added in future versions. Once you are a customer you have lifetime access to all future updates at no further charge. 

I’ve already created my first ebook. Is eBook Masterclass too basic for my level?

First off, congratulations for finishing your first ebook. If you are generating the income that you want from your ebook then maybe this course is not for you. However, if you are not maximizing your profits and not making passive income then you are in the right place.

What if I’m not happy with the product?

We are extremely confident that you are going to love this training, however if for any reason you are not satisfied you are fully covered by the 30 day guarantee. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner and type the words ‘Refund Request’. Then just leave your name and the email address used to make the purchase. If we have any questions or need more information we will email you directly.

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us at anytime. We are here to help answer any questions that you have. We have a number of different ways to reach us, but for the fastest response time please click on the icon in the bottom right corner to begin a chat. If you are not responded to within 5 minutes you do not need to wait. The response will be delivered to your email.

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