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How to Format Your ebook to Make it Look Beautiful

When you create your ebook it’s important to view this as a product.

This is not just a large Word text file that you can sell – it should be something beautiful that people will love to flick through and that will feel premium and special.

That’s how you get the emotional reaction for your product that will make it desirable and lead to good reviews.

And that’s how you make sure that you strengthen your brand in a positive way.

The main method you have for accomplishing this is formatting.

How do you go about formatting your ebook in order to look as amazing as possible? Let’s take a look.

Using Microsoft Word

The first and most important step is to invest in a copy of MS Word.

Today, that means signing up for Office 365 but that’s a very savvy investment for any internet marketer and really any business person.

This is still the industry standard and it’s a tool that will come in handy time and time again.

Better yet, Word contains a lot of specific features that will come in very handy when formatting your ebook.

For starters, Word allows you to create headings by selecting ‘Styles’ at the Home tab

Choose ‘Title’ for your page title (and Subtitle as necessary) and then use Heading 1 for your chapters.

You can also use Heading 2 for headings within chapters, Heading 3 etc.

What this will then allow you to do is to skip to any part of your book.

Click Ctrl+F and then select headings in the pane that opens up on the left hand side.

Now you can jump straight to any section in your book.

You can also use this to very quickly and easily create a table of contents.

Just select the References tab and then choose ‘Table of Contents’ to insert a conten=ts made automatically from those headings!

Finishing Touches

Before you finish up, you should think about choosing your font (something big and readable) and inserting large images.

You can find free images from sites like FreeImages.com, or you can buy/make them yourself.

You can also choose different ‘Styles’ on the Home tab, which will alter the layout of your book slightly.

When you’re finished, just choose to save as a PDF.

Tip: If this is an ebook for Kindle, then save it as a HTML file.

And with that, you’re ready to go to market!