Ebook Publishing


Creating an ebook allows you to sell a product that has zero overheads and that is entirely profit margin.

In other words, you can sell an ebook without having to worry about printing costs, delivery or anything else.

There is no ‘COGS’ (Cost of Goods Sold) and as such, you can stand to earn a lot more with absolutely zero risk involved.

This also means that you can be more flexible in the ways that you go about publishing and selling your book.

It means you can sell this product multiple times over and generate pure profit each time.

Don’t settle for just selling a PDF on your site and letting that be your only income.

Look for other places you can sell your book and maximize your profits!


One of the best ways to profit from an ebook is to sell it on Kindle.

This opens you up to a massive audience and provides you with an easy route to market and distribution platform that people already trust.

The downside is that you’ll be forced to share your profits with Amazon (35% or 70% depending on what you choose) which means you can risk cannibalizing your own sales).

In other words, you need to make sure that people don’t buy from Kindle instead of buying from you and that might mean pricing your Kindle product very high.

Either way though, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have this option seeing as it’s free!

There are many other examples of alternative distribution platforms too – such as Google Play Books and Nook.


Lulu is one example of POD – Print On Demand.

This is a type of publisher that only prints copies of your books when someone orders them.

That in turn means there’s no need to order a huge number of books and hope that they sell – you only pay a small fee rather than there being an upfront investment that carries risk with it.

Essentially then, Lulu allows you to create a physical copy of your ebook which will appeal to lots of people who wouldn’t normally buy ebooks!

This is also just something that will be useful for marketing your book and will look good in videos!


Finally, why not go it alone and just sell your book on eBay?

You can do this with a hardcopy or physical copy and if you name your book well, you’d be surprised how many orders you get!